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Village Love Doula

It Doesn't Take A Village To Raise A Child,

It Takes A Village To Raise A Mother...

About Amber

-Mother of 3 boys-

(1 hospital induction w/ epidural, 2 homebirths)

-Supports All births, choices, and family dynamics-

-Queer, Activist, Trauma-Informed, Birth Anarchist-

-Maintains good working relationships with all providers-

-Here to meet you where you're at-

Open to Trades, Payment Plans, & Sliding Scales

Licensed Doula since 2014
-Birth Arts International
-WIC Lactation Peer Trained


- Trauma Informed - Lactation Peer Trained - Medi-cal/Partnership Insurance Accepting - Autism Friendly - Queer - CPR certified - HIPPA Certified - Supports All Birth Choices - Supports Abortion + Adoption - Conscious Conception/ Fertility Support - ACE Score Prevention - Postpartum Focus - Doula Mentorship - Placenta Artist -

Services Below

Village Love Doula

Cash-Pay Price & Service List

I've been a doula in the Redding area for almost 10 years.  I attend all birth settings, with all kinds of providers.  I support clients prenatally, during labor and delivery, postpartum, during miscarriages, abortions, adoptions and stillbirths.  Doula's are not medically trained, and instead provide emotional, physical, and mental support and provide resources.  We support your choices and advocate for you through the system of birth.

Some Insurances, such as Medi-Cal/Partnership cover basically every one of these services except for placenta services.


Accepting clients of all genders, lifestyles, and journeys.

I can accept medi-cal/partnership insurance for prenatal, birth, postpartum, lactation, abortion, miscarriage, and stillbirth support! Here for you wherever you need me.

Please save this in your phone and share with your friends. You never know when you’ll need this info. Support can be given in person or virtually!


Childbirth Education Class

This is not your typical Childbirth Education Class.  This is a customized workshop that meets you where you're at based on your current projected journey.  Let's not waste time on what you already know, let's get right to making that birth plan, and covering your current burning questions.

Birth Photography

I'm not a professional, but I get the job done!  Always happy to bring my camera, and you'll get all the originals, and a few edits.  I will seek permission to use any on my website/social media.  Birth photography is always included in my birth attendance fee.  I am also happy to offer maternity and newborn photos at a low-cost!


Doula Training & Mentorship

Village Love Doula

These are "Trainings" before you train!  I can hold group classses or one-on-one workshops.  These workshops are to help you decide if being a doula is right for you, what to expect in job duties and pay, how to choose the right training or experience pathways for you, as well as gaining mentorship through your journey indefinitely, having back up for your clients, networking with other (future) doulas, help building your business, and even shadowing me on births and workshops to learn the trade.  I can also provide guiding on how to become a Medi-Cal/Partnership insurance provider approved. This is really invaluable before you embark on this big journey.  I can really negotiate payment here because our birth community needs you!

Placenta Services

I currently offer:

-Placenta Encapsulation

-Placenta Smoothies

-Placenta Tinctures

-Placenta Prints

-Umbilical Cord Keepsakes

A lot of these services can be combined or included in other service prices.


Sometimes you get to be a doula for your best friend.

And its twins.

And one was breech.
collettes birth

Where's Amber?

To inquire about doula services, mentorship, or general questions, you can reach me using this contact form, or you can contact me directly through text/call, email, or social media


Instagram: @villagelovedoula

Find me on Facebook! Amber Lynn Reynolds

To Make A Payment:

Venmo: @amberadical

Cash App: $almybnenr

-Please include a note if applicable

Contact me for help, cash payments, or address to mail a check.

To Donate To Causes of the Village (Village Christmas list, A Specific Family Need, etc. Please use the above options or contact me directly for more specific help)

Thanks for submitting!

Upcoming Events

  • Doula Mentorship/Intro Training
    Doula Mentorship/Intro Training
    Date and time is TBD-Vote on April Date
    Date and time is TBD-Vote on April Date
    Redding, 3315 Placer St, Redding, CA 96001, USA
    Date and time is TBD-Vote on April Date
    Redding, 3315 Placer St, Redding, CA 96001, USA
    Doula Mentorship, Networking, Training/Info, Business Topics, Secrets of the Trade
  • Tue, Jul 20
    online event
    Jul 20, 2021, 4:53 PM
    online event
    Jul 20, 2021, 4:53 PM
    online event
    If everything goes well with COVID restrictions, we are due to open in person meetings in June, so see you then.
  • Sex Without Fear-Sexual Assault Support Group
    Sex Without Fear-Sexual Assault Support Group
    Sun, Feb 21
    Creekside Counseling Center
    Feb 21, 2021, 10:00 AM
    Creekside Counseling Center, 1170 Industrial St, Redding, CA 96002, USA
    Feb 21, 2021, 10:00 AM
    Creekside Counseling Center, 1170 Industrial St, Redding, CA 96002, USA
    Sex Without Fear's Monthly Sexual Assault & Rape Survivor's Support Group. Peer Run, Peer Led, Advice-free, Community Empowerment, Grass Roots Change, Growth-focused, LGBTQ Friendly.
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