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Pink Powder

-Vanessa Rodgers

During my pregnancy I had alot of anxiety and questions about my pregnancy and the labor process. I was able to meet with Amber several times throughout my pregnancy and she was very informative and was able to answer my questions and calm me down and let me know I do have options on how I wanted my labor and birthing to go.

After I had my daughter I was having latching issues even using a nipple shield I was have great difficulty. Amber took time on her day off before she was set to leave with her family on vacation and came to my house and spent over an hour with me showing me different positions and tips for breastfeeding. Since that day my daughter never had anymore issues with latching and we successfully nursed for 13months.

collettes birth.jpg

-Collete Alger

Amber is a kind and caring doula. She is attentive to the needs of the families she helps and her passion for birth is beautiful. She was my doula for my planned c-section... something not a lot of people do, I am so glad I did. When my water broke early and my csection was suddenly moved up...Amber made it to the hospital just in time. She was calm, collected, and excited to help bring my baby boy into this world. She comforted me in recovery while my husband and baby had to go to the nicu and went above and beyond to help us during some breastfeeding struggles. She spent the day at the hospital with us as our family came to visit and meet our baby boy and by the end of the day she felt like family too. I would absolutely recommend Amber to support any birth experience❤❤❤

mary kate.jpg

-Mary-kate Kelley

Amber is so knowledgeable, and full of love. She is kind and strives to make your birth experience / postpartum period as flawless as possible. Much adoration for Amber.

Pink Powder
haleys family.jpg

-Haley Muri, photographer

Amber is a creative individual who is so invested in helping mothers thrive through natural application. I have recommended her so many times. She works well with others and is passionate about helping mothers achieve the birth that they strive for <3 her heart is in this for the right reasons.



Amber has been such a blessing to our whole family helping us out with our God daughter that just gave birth to a baby boy.....




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