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Everything's Canceled Podcast

Who's canceled this week?

Doing the labor of cancellation deep dives so you don't have to.


Our Cancel Culture


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Our Story

Herman & Lorena wake up every day the same way all couples do: open their social media in bed next to each other and bitch about the latest celeb gossip or current events.  It's possible we have a more-than-average obsession with getting the whole story though.  So now you can hear your favorite couple do deep dives on celebrity cancellations to help you form the most educated opinion for yourself. 

Why "Herman" & "Lorena"? 

We need aliases and wanted to honor a couple celebrities who were canceled that we didn't feel were justified.  PeeWee Herman and Lorena Bobbit live on in our hearts as our favorite canceled celebs! 

How do we feel about cancel culture? 

Well you gotta listen to find out!  Find our podcast on Spotify & Apple Podcasts and follow our Instagram @EverythingsCanceledPodcast

Where to Find Us

Instagram: @EverythingsCanceledPodcast

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