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Sex Without Fear Podcast

The Podcast Where We Talk Sex, Society, & Everything In Between

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Your Host...Amberadical


I'm a trauma-informed and sex positive birth worker in California.  I'm bi-sexual, and came from a religious background (my grandparetns who had a huge hand in raising us were pastors and I attended church several times a week).  I have a history of childhood sexual assault, and was also sexually assaulted in my early twenties.  I've spent the last decade or so deconstructing my religion, healing my traumas, building a safe birth work business, and creating this podcast.  My goals with this podcast is to bring healing to victims, spread sex positive information to all types of listeners, record my own journey of growth, give a platform to those who know more than I do, and to expand this project into my passions of writing a book and creating sex education programs in spaces they do not exist yet.  I have a passion for preventing ACE scores, bridging gaps between different communities, and creating policy change for oppressed groups of people. 

Be Our Guest...

We accept listener questions:

You can do this 2 ways!  1. record your message in a voice message to our instagram messenger and hear it responded to in the next listener episode

2. write in using the contact form below or directly on our Instagram Messages, and I'll read it aloud on the next episode.  You can remain anonymous!

We are always looking for new topic ideas, guest ideas, sponsors, etc.

You can read more below about sponsorships, but am open minded to trades, and other deals.  I also love to bring on guests who want to share their story or want to educate my listeners on their special interests or study.  I also love promoting charities and activism events and fundraisers.

(CURRENT) Specifically looking for:

-PCOS Specialist

-HIV Stories

-STD/STI Specialists/educators

-Midwives (for various topics)

-Your birth stories

-Pelvic Floor Therapist

-Someone trained by planned parenthood

-Black breastfeeding educator

-MTF and FTM folx who want to share about their trans stories

-Asexual story

Your Favorite Guests

-Benjamin Brown, Comedian, ExMormon, Escaped Polygamy, Cousin of the famous TLC Sister Wives family

-Jenny Davidson, Sex Trafficking and Domestic Violence Specialist, BBC's Top 100 Most Influential Women, CEO of Academy Stay

-Destiny Benedict, Netflix "The Most Hated Man on the Internet", "Butthole Girl"

-Stanley Thorton, TLC & National Geographic's Adult Baby

-Anonymous Tiny Man, Giantess Fetishist

-Vanessa Carlisle, Death Doula, Relationship Anarchy advocate, From "Poly, Married, & Dating"

-Zach Trowbridge, Activist

-Cath, Sex Ed Rescue, Sex Education for families

-Troubled Teen Industry Victims 1 & 2

-Connor Roe, Bliss Blueprint Podcast, Sex Educator

-Ginko, Trans Artist

-Melissa Pomish, IVF Influencer

Naia Riley, Trauma-Informed Nutritionist

& Many More!


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