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For The Love Of Belly Binding

The Village Love Doula Thursday, February 25, 2016 For the love of belly binding

Today I learned that the leading cause of maternal death in first world countries is suicide. What does this mean? It means that we have the resources to help mother’s through those first 9 months and through labor and birth, but that post-partum care is lacking so heavily that we now have a suicide epidemic. To quote Julia Jones, “post-partum care is the missing piece of the puzzle. It doesn’t take a village to raise a child, it takes a village to raise a MOTHER.” This is why I’m passionate about post-partum care. I believe women are meant to be supporting and uplifting one another in every day life, but most of all, during the process of becoming a mother. I was drawn to belly binding for a few reasons, and I want to share this information with you. I will be offering pregnancy and post-partum [vaginal and c-section] belly binding as a doula. I feel like belly binding has physical and emotional benefits, and I want to know that when I leave my clients, I’m leaving them feeling safe and secure and “hugged”. Belly binding does all three. What is belly binding? Belly binding is a traditional practice of wrapping one’s abdomen during pregnancy or after delivery with chosen cloth or wrap. What are the benefits? -Belly binding is sort of a “place holder” for exercise those first 6 weeks after baby, until your abdominal muscles recover. -Proper binding will help support posture, your lower back, and your organs. -Binding will help that “goo-ey belly feeling” feel less intense after birth. -It grounds your nervous system by preventing air and space elements from entering the body. -Wrapping will help you feel supported, relaxed, and “hugged.” -The gentle pressure will increase your oxytocin, which helps your milk supply. -After applying oils and massaging the body, the wrap will help your body absorb the oils. -You are taking part in an ancient tradition practiced in 178 different cultures, connecting you to all mothers before and after you. You can even borrow my wrap that will have been used by other mother’s in your own community, helping you feel more connected to your “village.” When and how long should I wrap? Really, as long as you’d like. If you’re still enjoying it, keep going! However, the “normal” range of wear seems to be through pregnancy and between 4 and 6 weeks post-partum. This gives the wrap enough time to help your uterus finish contracting, your lochia to stop bleeding, your milk supply to be established, and for you to be able to start exercising again. I recommend at least 4 hours a day, if you’re enjoying it, and up to 24 hours a day. Some women never take it off but to bathe. What material can I use? In Mexico, they use their rebozos, which I have in stock for my clients to use. In India they use their Saris, and in Japan they use the sash from their kimonos. You can use whatever you’d like. Many women put a piece of cotton, cheese cloth, or muslin over their oiled body, and then their chosen wrap over that, to protect their wrap from the oils staining. Other info: -Do not use oils on your abdomen area after a c-section until your wounds have healed. -If you feel a gap in your abdominal wall after birth, please call your health care provider. There are ways to help this naturally, but if not evaluated and cared for, it can turn into a hernia. -Belly Binding does NOT help you lose weight. Do not fall for the marketing scams that tell you otherwise. There is no study or proof linking belly binding to weight loss. You naturally lose weight after birth from burning calories nursing, and losing all your pregnancy fluids.

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